Sunday, 9 October 2011

Burgess' Kids Adventures

Over the past 4 weeks one of the joys of being here has been listening to and observing our children as they get used to a new country and culture. Some of the things that they say daily give me a belly laugh and other comments cause me to consider my own journey and thoughts. Join me in sharing in these joys through my children's eyes. Enjoy!

“Kenya has the same type of bananas as Bermuda.”-5 year old

“Today I met a friend from Germany and a friend from Mombasa. I told them that in Bermuda, fishing is serious business!” – 4 year old

“Mommy today I saw some Africans!” – 4 year old

“Mommy I like this place cause people carry bags on their head. When I grow up I want to carry a bag on my head. Look I have a sock on my head now!” -4 year old

“Mommy if we’re in Africa, where are the lions?” – 4 year old

“Today we went on a field trip and the baboons stole our napkins.” – 5 year old

“My favorite part of today was playing football.” – 5 year old

“I like my bunnies. They are all my friends.” -4 year old

“Can we invite some of our friends from Bermuda over for a play date?” – 4 year old

“Mommy, how do people understand each other when they speak in Kiswahili?” – 5 year old

“Mommy, can we get an ostrich so that it can be friends with our goat?” -4 year old

Pikipiki, Pikipiki, Pikipiki….., Sawa! Sawa! Pole! Pole! Pole! Pole! Scuma wiki! Scuma wiki! Scuma wiki!” 4 and 5 year old rambling off Kswahili words that they just learned and or find hilarious.  

The translation would go as follows: “Motorbike, Motorbike, Motorbike…, Cool! Cool!  Slowly! Slowly! Spinach! Spinach! Spinach!”

Thanks for following our adventures!


  1. Bunnies are much better friends than turtles. Those fruit in the bowl look like guava? yes/no? Is there an open air market for fruits and vegetables? Is there anything new that you have eaten?

  2. hey Donna,
    Yes the bunnies are great friends. Guava season just ended last month and the bunnies had more than enough to eat from our tree. There are several open markets for fruits and veg as well as the local grocery store chains and roadside vendors. I tasted Jack Fruit and white sapote for the first time last week:).